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Our flanges

Flanges acc. to DIN

Blind flanges acc. to DIN 2527 Threaded flanges acc. to DIN 2565; DIN 2566; DIN 2567Flanges, plain, for soldering or welding acc. to DIN 2573 and DIN 2576Lap Joint flanges, unturned welding flange; plain collars acc. to DIN 2641 and DIN 2642Welding neck flanges acc. to DIN 2627 until DIN 2638 Lap Joint flanges, plain collar acc. to DIN 2655 and DIN 2656Lap Joint flanges with stub end acc. to DIN 2673

Flanges acc. to DIN EN 1092-1

Type01; Type02; Type04; Type05; Type11; Type12; Type32; Type34;

With the sealing surfaces of the Form A; Form B (B1/B2); Form C; Form D; Form E; Form F; Form G;

Flanges acc. to ASME 

B 16.5: Welding neck flange; slip-on flange; Lap Joint Flanges; blind flange; socket welding flanges; Threaded flanges; B.S.3293: welding neck flange; slip-on flange;B 16.47 Serie A/B: welding neck flange; Blind flanges; 

Flanges according to your drawings 



1.4301; 1.4307; 1.4401; 1.4404; 1.4541; 1.4571; P250GH; P355QH1; A105N; C21; C22.8; F304L; F316; F316L; F316Ti; F321; WSTE355; 13CrMo4-5; 16Mo3;

Other Materials on request  


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